The Color Purple

The color “Purple”. Royalty wearing it, women love it. It is mystical and magical. Purple mixes very well with “Pink”. You find it between red and blue. You can wear it, you can decorate with it. It’s a color to love. Does our Etsy Team Gent use “Purple”?
Lets find some purple to love…
Bubbles The Unicorn Cat, purple with gazing eyes. A lovely and unique hand drawn artwork by MadModesty:
Amethyst is a lovely purple stone, that has powers like: “Protection and purifying”. You can have Amethyst in house or have them fitted in jewelry. Earrings look lovely with the Amethyst, you can find this pair of earrings with BFoxJewelry

Amethyst purple

Purple flowers, put them a postcard, send them to a friend, a family. A good way to show them you won’t forget them, that you will always have them in your mind. The following postcard you will find at Vignettes of Life
purple flower

Purple clothes, every women has them. All around the world. From gloves to hats, to shoes..
This lovely shawl is one that shows the love for purple. You can find him here:
Scarf purpe

Having afternoon tea? Or a drink with the ladies? Then these coasters are a perfect fit for the purple lovers. You will find them in here:
purple coasters

Did you ever buy on Etsy, a purple item that become your favorite item? Tell us about.

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Etsy Team Gent

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