Etsy Team Gent Market!

Less then two months, then it is time. Our first market in the city of Gent. Etsy Team Gent will be ready to present you a market filled with the coolest handmade items you will find in Gent: Juwels, Crochet, Aquarel painting, wood design, funky art and many more.

Keep following date free: Saturday 30 April 016. The market will start at 10.30h and will end at 18.00h.

The location is hostel De Draecke, St. Widostraat 11, 9000 Gent.

Our first shops that have confirmed are:

Check them out and have a look what they have in the house. Don’t be shy to contact them if you see something in their shop that you want them to bring along.

Next week we will update with a new article and more information.

The Etsy Gent Team Captain

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  1. Hoe kan ik deelnemen? 🙂

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