The Way Of The Tag – part 1

Tags!March 15th, 2015. I decided that that was the day to open my shop on ETSY. Making and listening items on ETSY, certain that it would be a piece of cake.

March 12th, 2016, fast forward almost a year later. I learned a lot in that year. A piece of cake it is certainly not. It is more challenging than I could imagine and I want to share my experiences with you.

Tags 2The most important I learned in that year is, use all your tags. I didn’t think that that was necessary. Too much work to add them, but…

SupermarketImagine that you go to the biggest supermarket , millions of items.

It is the first time you go there so you enter and all isles look the same. No arrows, no directions,… no clues.

That is how Etsy would be without tags. It would a big supermarket where customers wouldn’t  find their  way around. They would walk out, frustrated and will never return. It is something we don’t want.

Etsy gives you a tool to help you with that. Your listing manager, with 13 tags to use, to point the way to your shop! You are the manager of your shop, you are responsible for your shop. You are responsible to use those 13 tags. Don’t be like me, where 50% or more of my tags are missing, that is a lot of potential I’m losing:

Are we missing something?

Are we missing something?

Every Tag that is missing is an chance that somebody won’t find our  shop. It’s a priority to fix this problem so you and I can increase the possibility that some potential customer will find our shop.

Just a bit more tag shaming

Just a bit more tag shaming

I will certainly do this the upcoming week, get all my tags filled in. No more missing tag shaming for me.

My question to you: “Are you such a lazy tagger like me or do you use all your 13 tags on Etsy?”

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