The way of The Tag – Part 2

In part one we started to talk about tags and why you should use them all 13.  The past week I added to all my listenings 13 tags, being a good girl I’m. Did it make any difference? Yes, It did.  We will take a look at  my shop stats for Februari 2016:

Stats 2016 feb

March 2016 is not complete but I can tell you, it looks much better then Februari 2016, more shop views, listening views are a bit lower but shop favorites is a bit up and listening favorites are down. I didn’t add any new listenings, maybe that is the reason these are down. The most important change I had was… I had one sale. That is an serious improvement.

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-19 om 11.42.15

Is it worth to put the effort in all those tags? Yes, to my opinion it is, even if it is not my favorite thing to do in my ETSY shop.

One of the other things you have to learn is when you use tags is that you use relevant tags. Tags that matter to your product.
There are some rules that can help you:

  • The words you are using in your titles and listening should be the same. Use a comma to keep it readable, after the comma use a space otherwise Google can have problems to read them.
    • Listening: Shoulder bag, black cat, Leather, cat lovers gift, crazy cat lady
    • Tags: Shoulder bag, black cat, Leather, cat lovers gift, crazy cat lady
  • Your tags should have more then one word in it. If you would look for your item, what would you type? More words can narrow down the search.
    • Ring
    • Engagement ring,
    • wedding ring
  • If you are short in tags, why don’t you use your shop name as a tag? On mobile devices it is easier to look after a shop tag. Take a look at TCAshop… only my items nobody else use them.
  • If your tags are not working for you why don’t you look for alternative tags? Some tags are to competitive others are not searched for. Sites like Etsy Rank can help you with your tags.

We hope that this article was very useful for you. Next time we will talk more about tags and how Google and other search engines use them.


Sincerely your,
ETSY Team Gent Captain
Etsy Shop: TCAshop

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