Etsy Team Market – part 3

With only twenty days left it is time to start to introduce some of the shops that will attend our market. The best way to do this? With photos of the lovely items they will bring.

Ever wanted a cute guard dog that you don’t have to walk? This is the answer then for you! Purple Orchid Shop will bring this lovely dog along.

Poetry and emotion, touching you softly. Written in Dutch, printed on cards, ready to send to someone who could need it. You can find this touching poetry on “I Tried misery on for size, it doesn’t fit”12718021_1228659930492393_5388616924835990163_n

Did you ever want to have a sleepover party with a spider, a bee, a fly or centipede? Now you can with this insect hotel. Five star deluxe place to sleep! Available at our ETSY market from Radegondas art12991101_1160156997348789_1944561828387453017_n

If you find it a bit to chilly at the sleepover party, we have a Bernadette sweaters on sale. Jewelsatelier will have them available.


Is it all? We have plenty more things to show. Most of the items will be there limited, that makes our market so unique. Afterwards there is always a possibility that you will find items back in the online Etsy Shop that participated. If you saw an item and hesitated to long to buy it, ask the shop their card so you can contact them later and maybe they can help you out after the market.

This market is all about: Unique items, handmade with love for you!

The Team Captain
Etsy Shop: TCAshop

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  1. Inge says:

    I’ll be there !! 🙂
    In every spare energymoment I’m in full creationmodus !

    Nice to see I will be accompagnied by other creative people !!

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