Etsy Team market – part 4

One of the most sold items on Etsy is jewelry. Several of the jewelry you find on Etsy have been created in Belgium and in my home town Gent. Designed by creative minds, proudly put on by women and men of all classes and styles. From BOHO-chic, to modern design, classic or flashy. For your mom or your fiancée.  We hope that whatever you are looking for you will find it at our market.

The first is a slow fashion necklace from the collection of Lies Wambacq Jewelry. Unique and classy, just for every special occasion to wear.


One of the newer shops on Etsy  is Lis Jewellery.  Her jewelry are sharp shaped with a fine design that ask to be showed wherever you go. A shop to watch closely!


Wood and juwels, certainly a very unique combination.Bast is taking it to a top level with wooden earrings, necklace. Modern design for a stylish evening.

Minimalistic design is trending,  Illustrationist settled in the city center of Gent is  showing that minimalistic can be very elegant with these golden earrings.

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-15 om 23.23.11

Pearls to rule them all. This necklace has it. Simply, eye-catching from our local shop Angelic Toughts

This is a very small sample what we will have for jewelry on our market. We will show more in the upcoming weeks. Still have 15 days left to show you all the cool stuff.

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