BTS: “The Support Team”

A good organization of your shop is already half the work done. What is also an asset is having a support team. Someone who cooks when you are bussy, one that helps with the listing or someone who help you with your book-keeping. This support is necessary to keep up with the daily life in your shop. I asked our Etsy Shops who their most supportive helpers are…

First we have Mariette from Purple Orchids Shop,  a wonderful lady with math skills. She is taking it very serious. Never forget to order tuna and catnip. The two most important items in a cats life.

Let me think: "Tuna & Catnip" that was what we needed for our shop

Oversight is a good thing when making items. Keeping a close watch on how the human is making things and if she is doing it correctly.  Sloeber & Noor from Pinkepinke have it in their paws. Keeping a closed eye on the items that are made. The reward: “Tuna and a spot in the sunlight”


Not only Sloeber & Noor are checking out how the items progress. Billy The Time Cat, is an expert in helping a paw our two. He finds it important that what his human make fits with his fur. Fortunate it is black, otherwise TCAshop had a big problem. Billy

Some cats are very good in multi-tasking, Mariette from Purple Orchids shop is a purfect example. It is also possible that the item in a shape of a dog (How dare you,mom!) needs a very close inspection….
Mariette 2

Testing out the items is necessarily. It’s hard work, underpaid, it involves the use of every muscle you can stretch in your body. A lot of camera time and Silvertje did mention, no rewards… The blankets are a very good quality, the payment well….


If everything is approved, then you have to make photos. Not one or two but many photos. Don’t forget that you need the props and arrange everything  to get a purfect photo. Fortunate we have Miss Amy Pond, that helps with stuff like that in our shop

Amy Pond

Finally the support team can makes the listing. Not easy, finding those tags. It is like mouse hunting, whenever you find a tag it is running away. Polly knows how to handle that problem, she helps her human with all the issues that involves listing items. That is why Lis Jewellery are looking so great. She is not for hire, unless you pay with a lot of tuna!


After you list your item you have to wait, wait for that sale. While you wait you can do something useful. Making new items? Dogs are very well known for their patience, Ella Pouches is lucky to have such an awesome dog!

Then you have it, your sale. The best part of sales involves boxes. Amy Pond is a very good box inspector. Nothing will be put into a box without her permission. Then you can start all over again…Box inspector

All the shop owners want to thank their support team, without them it was impossible to have a shop on ETSY.

We hope you enjoyed this “Behind The Shop” (short:BTS) article and we will show you some more BTS-articles.

The Team Captain,
Her support Team: Billy, Amy, Silvertje, Fientje.

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  1. Inge says:

    very nice written ! Have a smile on my face now 🙂

  2. Viki says:

    It’s so cute and made me smile.

  3. Inge says:

    So funny!

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