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Google is your friend, someone told me that ages ago. When I went to school I had the library to find things. Now, we Google things. Google is one of the many search engines, I think I can say everyone is using it on daily base. It helps us to find our way through through the internet. The Googlebot crawls it way through the thousand sites like this one that been put online on daily base. Schermafbeelding 2016-05-10 om 20.47.06
It collect info from a site and it is following links, all the information that has been found will be taken back to the Google servers.
If you look for something Google has more then 200 clues or signals that will help you find your answer, they are the algorithms, few examples:

  • words that are used: Etsy shops, Handmade items, Belgium
  • Content: how old or young you articles, so posting regular can help you with Page Ranks.
  • Country: if you look for a library it will send you to the one close to your location

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Page Rank, is one of the most important elements to be found on Google. It is similar like how Etsy key words work but it is called SEO. The Big Question is? Can I improve my page rank? Yes you can! Many of these tricks you can use in your Etsy Shop also. Don’t forget that Google crawls through Etsy also! So get noticed and use these following tricks:

  • Keywords: put them on the right spot! Start with your title. It is the first indication for the search engine: “What is this page/article about”: If you write about the color purple don’t call the article the Rainbow color.
  • Improve the URL, unfortunate we cannot do anything about that on Etsy but we can improve it on our own website. Make them easier to read, not many numbers, points, words, just straight forward
  • Unique content: something you don’t find every day on the internet. write about your daily things in your life, your creations, your passion. Write it for your audience and yourself not for the whole world because it is in at the moment.
  • Links: use links on your articles. Link to useful sites, hope that they link back to you. Comment on similar blogs like yours, be active in your community!
  • Offline promotion: business cards with your url on, give it to everyone who you think that is interested.
  • Work hard, have patience, get the fruits of your labor. It will take months even a year to get noticed by google.Schermafbeelding 2016-05-10 om 22.04.18

This is how many time Google visited my shop in the past year.Next time I will talk how you can help Google to find your shop on Etsy. We will try to prove it by the numbers (If not, then Google is not my friend)

Hope you liked our article and if you have any questions feel free to ask them. I will try to give you the answer.

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