Fathers day – 2016

Every day should be fathers day but one day a year we pay extra attention to our father.
But what to give to your father? This year we want to help you a small guide to some awesome gifts for fathers day! Surprise him with a gift from one of our Etsy Shops!
Lets start with a tiny note book just for him… Men only is suitable for any father. From the business man to a gardner. There is only one available @ OranZien Check it out “HERE”
Oranzien Notebook

A good piece of soap, women love it but also men. Men are getting more aware that their skin is in good condition. That they look awesome. Now give them a beauty treat with this soap of
HeathirtreeNaturals, find the lovely soap here

What about some interior home decor? Just for the wall, special for the father who wanted to be an astronaut when he was a kid… This solar System will make your father glow, find it at
Solar System

Or is your father more like a DIY? Then get him this build at home VW Beatle.. Just add glue and paint for the maximum fun! Find this car of the future @ Puzzzel, look here 

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-26 om 20.53.01

Still not finding what you are looking for?
Check out or shop listing or you can wait for part 2, with more items for an awesome fathers day!

Let us know if you ordered something on Etsy for Fathers Day, love to hear and read about it,

De Pauw Tania
Etsy Team Captain
Visit my shop “TCAshop”

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