June 2016 – Pinterest month!

Pinterest The last meeting with the Etsy Sellers in Gent was great. One of the things we discussed was “Pinterest”. One of the social media I love a lot. I find it one of the most difficult to work with it but when you get the trick it is all fun and pleasure.
Pinterest is a digital board, where you can safe things you love: cat photos, recipes to try, ideas for parties, beautiful photos of beautiful things, fun stuff, craft projects . Before Pinterest I had a binder with recipes and craft projects I wanted to do. Pinterest made my life easier: “I have it all handy on one site, sorted on boards and it doesn’t take in space in my house!”.

Pinterest TCAshop

It is important to pin what you like on Pinterest. I’m one of the girls that has a broad interest. It goes from science fiction to cats, with some knitting and Hama Beads in between. I like Holidays and travel. That is the reason why I started some many boards, to much pins I see I love.
Others have a specific interest and just pin what they like. An example is what we do with Etsy Team Gent:
We pin there only things from our Team like meetings, blogposts, new items, lovely items we see in shops from Gent, useful articles about social media:
Pinterest Etsy Team Gent
Don’t forget when you repin a pin to check if it links to the correct source. The person who wrote that blog, made that item or took that photo will appreciate it.
If you like a pin don’t forget to heart it or if it fits in your collection to pin and add a comment why you pin this specific photo: do you find it a great idea? Or is it a recipe or DIY project you want to try? Just add it as a comment. Or if it is a recipe add a comment that you found it a great recipe (or that it became a cooking disaster). Communication is appreciation of all the hard work.

Pinke Pinke

Don’t forget to add your own photos, blogposts, person using your made items. Unique content make your Pinterest attractive to followers. Behind the scene, local places to see, video’s are always appreciated. share your photos from other social media like: “Instagram, Facebook,…” it is also a great way to get new followers on these platforms.
Oh, don’t cause a tsunami of pins once a day. If you like Pinterest and pinning, pin a few times in a day, don’t fill someone feed with kitties even if they are cute and fluffy looking.
If you like someone or someones board, just start to follow them or that specific board. You will see that your gain pinners that will follow you back or will discover you through their feed.

Etsy Team Gent meeting

This was what we did at our last meeting. Discovering the fun to pin.
The following shops are on Pinterest, hope you will follow their path on Pinterest:

This month we learn the ropes of pinning. What we also want to know is who is a pin-fanatic? And what is your ultimate pinning advice? We like to hear it from  you! Just post in a comment what you “pin”-about it! oh, don’t forget to share your link to your account, so we can look what you like!

The Etsy “Team Gent Captain”

“Oh, look, cats… start to pin cat number 197436219007”

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2 Responses to June 2016 – Pinterest month!

  1. Hello! I found Pinterest really useful when planning my wedding! All the venues that had a website were on one board, all the super secret wedding dresses were on a secret board… I am still using it for ideas how to improve my home or gardening ideas and a bit of a planning my future or daydreaming about moving to a farm etc. It can also be a great educational tool, I recently started pinning further education courses that might interest me. It’s great! 🙂

  2. Mechelle says:

    I love looking at Pinterest for ideas for parties and other home decorating tips. Sometimes I can get caught up on all of those beautiful boards.

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