Etsy Team Gent Market 08/2016-Part 1

Birthday CardOur second Edition for our Etsy Team Market is in less then one month. Time to get you all excited about this event. First: “We made it a two day event”, Second we are filling our fantastic place with old and new shops.

IllustrionistOur location is same as the first Etsy Team Gent Market. We loved the place so much and got a positive feedback from everyone that we are going back:
Hostel De Draecke
Sint Widowstraat 11
9000 Gent

HipWe found a great weekend to get our event going. When we have our market “The Patershol Feesten” are going on. A smaller version of “De Gentse Feesten”. Add following days to your agenda:

We have already a few shops confirmed, more will be added the upcoming weeks:

More shops and updates will be announced the upcoming weeks.

Do you have an Etsy Shop? Do you want to participate?  Contact us:

info @

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