Etsy Team Market – part 2

Flyer Etsy Market Aug 2016We are almost there, almost ready. 2500 Flyers arrived the past week and are spreading their wings through the streets of Ghent. You will find them in several shops in the city center. We will distribute them around in following area’s  “Het Patershol”, ” Het zuid”, “Ledeberg”, ….

We started several social media promotions and the ball is rolling.
A pile of 2500 flyersWe have the most awesome shops that will come to our favorite location. Some will come 2 days others will come one day. No matter, they will bring the best of their shop on sale to this address:
Hostel De Draecke
Sint Widowstraat 11
9000 Gent
Just to remind you that it is also The weekend when the “Patershol Feesten” happening.  A lot of things are going on, be prepared to find a smaller version of “De Gentse Feesten”.  When is this all happening?

Are list of shops that are confirmed is almost complete. We are ready to show you who is coming to town, with the coolest stuff on earth!

Don’t forget to bring cash money, most shops don’t have any card reader.

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Hope to see you all at our event.

De Pauw Tania

Captain Etsy Team Gent

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