Halloween is coming to town

halloween-1008165_640In The USA, Halloween has a big tradition. Towns and houses get dressed up. People turn themselves in monsters and witches. Children are going from door to door. Asking for a “Trick or Treat”. This tradition is coming to Europe the last few years. In Belgium we see more people decorate there house for Halloween. Personally it is my favorite Holiday. Less commercial then Christmas, I’m certain that it will change in a few years. Some Etsy Shops from our Team carry awesome Halloween items. We want to share our favorites with you:

If you are going on the road for some “Trick or Treats”, then you should go with this awesome bag from MadModesty, this bag is big enough to get all your treats in it:

Trick or Treat bag

You can also surprise friends with an awesome card for Halloween, just like Christmas card but a bit more scarier. PinkePinke has cards to scare your friends a tiny bit:
Jack SkelletonWhy don’t you print your own Halloween banner? Download, print, cut and have fun with the kids. Halloween coming out your printer, isn’t that scary? You find printable art @ A Whimsical Adventure

Halloween Banner

Invite friends at home, buy some black candles, pumpkins at the front door, serve a Bloody Mary or Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Decorate your table with some awesome spider web coasters, and have a horrifying evening with a scary movie, check out TCAshop for more scary stuff

Halloween Coaster

We hope you will have one of the most scared Halloween this year, don’t forget a good scary movie, Halloween candy will get you in the mood.

De Pauw Tania

Etsy Team Captain Gent

Visit my shop on Etsy: TCAshop


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