Winter Market – shops!

vingerbreien-wit The year is ending and it is getting cold outside. Gloves and scarves are needed because the wind feels like it is coming from the North Pole, inside we change our interior. Candles are burning, the Christmas tree found it spot in the house and everyone is ready to get gifts for family and friends.

The struggle of every years starts: “What will we buy? Give  money? Or find an original  handmade gift?

bolletjes4If you are planning to do the last one, then you certainly have to come to our Winter market. We found again some talented shops that will bring the best with them: Jewelry, knitted stuff, pixel art, books, Christmas cards and a lot of more unique items.

The upcoming days we will share some shops and items they will bring with them. Don’t hesitate to visit them on Etsy to see what they have in the house.

If you want something specific and you want to be certain that they will have it with them on the market, contact them.

Check out these lovely shops, they will participating for the first time:


Can’t wait to show you more items of these lovely shops!

De Pauw Tania – Etsy Team Captain


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