June 2016 – Pinterest month!

Pinterest The last meeting with the Etsy Sellers in Gent was great. One of the things we discussed was “Pinterest”. One of the social media I love a lot. I find it one of the most difficult to work with it but when you get the trick it is all fun and pleasure.
Pinterest is a digital board, where you can safe things you love: cat photos, recipes to try, ideas for parties, beautiful photos of beautiful things, fun stuff, craft projects . Before Pinterest I had a binder with recipes and craft projects I wanted to do. Pinterest made my life easier: “I have it all handy on one site, sorted on boards and it doesn’t take in space in my house!”.

Pinterest TCAshop

It is important to pin what you like on Pinterest. I’m one of the girls that has a broad interest. It goes from science fiction to cats, with some knitting and Hama Beads in between. I like Holidays and travel. That is the reason why I started some many boards, to much pins I see I love.
Others have a specific interest and just pin what they like. An example is what we do with Etsy Team Gent:
We pin there only things from our Team like meetings, blogposts, new items, lovely items we see in shops from Gent, useful articles about social media:
Pinterest Etsy Team Gent
Don’t forget when you repin a pin to check if it links to the correct source. The person who wrote that blog, made that item or took that photo will appreciate it.
If you like a pin don’t forget to heart it or if it fits in your collection to pin and add a comment why you pin this specific photo: do you find it a great idea? Or is it a recipe or DIY project you want to try? Just add it as a comment. Or if it is a recipe add a comment that you found it a great recipe (or that it became a cooking disaster). Communication is appreciation of all the hard work.

Pinke Pinke

Don’t forget to add your own photos, blogposts, person using your made items. Unique content make your Pinterest attractive to followers. Behind the scene, local places to see, video’s are always appreciated. share your photos from other social media like: “Instagram, Facebook,…” it is also a great way to get new followers on these platforms.
Oh, don’t cause a tsunami of pins once a day. If you like Pinterest and pinning, pin a few times in a day, don’t fill someone feed with kitties even if they are cute and fluffy looking.
If you like someone or someones board, just start to follow them or that specific board. You will see that your gain pinners that will follow you back or will discover you through their feed.

Etsy Team Gent meeting

This was what we did at our last meeting. Discovering the fun to pin.
The following shops are on Pinterest, hope you will follow their path on Pinterest:

This month we learn the ropes of pinning. What we also want to know is who is a pin-fanatic? And what is your ultimate pinning advice? We like to hear it from  you! Just post in a comment what you “pin”-about it! oh, don’t forget to share your link to your account, so we can look what you like!

The Etsy “Team Gent Captain”

“Oh, look, cats… start to pin cat number 197436219007”

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Fathers day – 2016

Every day should be fathers day but one day a year we pay extra attention to our father.
But what to give to your father? This year we want to help you a small guide to some awesome gifts for fathers day! Surprise him with a gift from one of our Etsy Shops!
Lets start with a tiny note book just for him… Men only is suitable for any father. From the business man to a gardner. There is only one available @ OranZien Check it out “HERE”
Oranzien Notebook

A good piece of soap, women love it but also men. Men are getting more aware that their skin is in good condition. That they look awesome. Now give them a beauty treat with this soap of
HeathirtreeNaturals, find the lovely soap here

What about some interior home decor? Just for the wall, special for the father who wanted to be an astronaut when he was a kid… This solar System will make your father glow, find it at
Solar System

Or is your father more like a DIY? Then get him this build at home VW Beatle.. Just add glue and paint for the maximum fun! Find this car of the future @ Puzzzel, look here 

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-26 om 20.53.01

Still not finding what you are looking for?
Check out or shop listing or you can wait for part 2, with more items for an awesome fathers day!

Let us know if you ordered something on Etsy for Fathers Day, love to hear and read about it,

De Pauw Tania
Etsy Team Captain
Visit my shop “TCAshop”

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Google is your friend!

Google is your friend, someone told me that ages ago. When I went to school I had the library to find things. Now, we Google things. Google is one of the many search engines, I think I can say everyone is using it on daily base. It helps us to find our way through through the internet. The Googlebot crawls it way through the thousand sites like this one that been put online on daily base. Schermafbeelding 2016-05-10 om 20.47.06
It collect info from a site and it is following links, all the information that has been found will be taken back to the Google servers.
If you look for something Google has more then 200 clues or signals that will help you find your answer, they are the algorithms, few examples:

  • words that are used: Etsy shops, Handmade items, Belgium
  • Content: how old or young you articles, so posting regular can help you with Page Ranks.
  • Country: if you look for a library it will send you to the one close to your location

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-10 om 21.06.49

Page Rank, is one of the most important elements to be found on Google. It is similar like how Etsy key words work but it is called SEO. The Big Question is? Can I improve my page rank? Yes you can! Many of these tricks you can use in your Etsy Shop also. Don’t forget that Google crawls through Etsy also! So get noticed and use these following tricks:

  • Keywords: put them on the right spot! Start with your title. It is the first indication for the search engine: “What is this page/article about”: If you write about the color purple don’t call the article the Rainbow color.
  • Improve the URL, unfortunate we cannot do anything about that on Etsy but we can improve it on our own website. Make them easier to read, not many numbers, points, words, just straight forward
  • Unique content: something you don’t find every day on the internet. write about your daily things in your life, your creations, your passion. Write it for your audience and yourself not for the whole world because it is in at the moment.
  • Links: use links on your articles. Link to useful sites, hope that they link back to you. Comment on similar blogs like yours, be active in your community!
  • Offline promotion: business cards with your url on, give it to everyone who you think that is interested.
  • Work hard, have patience, get the fruits of your labor. It will take months even a year to get noticed by google.Schermafbeelding 2016-05-10 om 22.04.18

This is how many time Google visited my shop in the past year.Next time I will talk how you can help Google to find your shop on Etsy. We will try to prove it by the numbers (If not, then Google is not my friend)

Hope you liked our article and if you have any questions feel free to ask them. I will try to give you the answer.

  • The Team Captain, looking for some Google Friendship
  • Shop: TCAshop
  • Instagram: TCAshop
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Etsy Gent Market – April 2016

After lots of meeting, advertising, planning and sleepless nights (mostly for our team captain!) it’s finally here: the first Etsy Gent handmade market! So exciting! This post is brought to you by Veronique, one of the team leaders and owner of MadModesty, selling all things cute!
No pictures of me, since I took them and no one took mine ;o; so you’ll just have to check out my online shop then (;
moving on!

Everyone showed up bright and early to set up at hostel “De Draecke”, who were kind enough to host our event. They’re located  right behind the gorgeous count’s castle of Ghent. Tania, the team captain, got everyone moving to set tables and get ready. Here’s some action shots of people setting up (don’t worry, I’m listing all shops later, so keep reading!)


Continue reading

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BTS: “The Support Team”

A good organization of your shop is already half the work done. What is also an asset is having a support team. Someone who cooks when you are bussy, one that helps with the listing or someone who help you with your book-keeping. This support is necessary to keep up with the daily life in your shop. I asked our Etsy Shops who their most supportive helpers are…

First we have Mariette from Purple Orchids Shop,  a wonderful lady with math skills. She is taking it very serious. Never forget to order tuna and catnip. The two most important items in a cats life.

Let me think: "Tuna & Catnip" that was what we needed for our shop

Oversight is a good thing when making items. Keeping a close watch on how the human is making things and if she is doing it correctly.  Sloeber & Noor from Pinkepinke have it in their paws. Keeping a closed eye on the items that are made. The reward: “Tuna and a spot in the sunlight”


Not only Sloeber & Noor are checking out how the items progress. Billy The Time Cat, is an expert in helping a paw our two. He finds it important that what his human make fits with his fur. Fortunate it is black, otherwise TCAshop had a big problem. Billy

Some cats are very good in multi-tasking, Mariette from Purple Orchids shop is a purfect example. It is also possible that the item in a shape of a dog (How dare you,mom!) needs a very close inspection….
Mariette 2

Testing out the items is necessarily. It’s hard work, underpaid, it involves the use of every muscle you can stretch in your body. A lot of camera time and Silvertje did mention, no rewards… The blankets are a very good quality, the payment well….


If everything is approved, then you have to make photos. Not one or two but many photos. Don’t forget that you need the props and arrange everything  to get a purfect photo. Fortunate we have Miss Amy Pond, that helps with stuff like that in our shop

Amy Pond

Finally the support team can makes the listing. Not easy, finding those tags. It is like mouse hunting, whenever you find a tag it is running away. Polly knows how to handle that problem, she helps her human with all the issues that involves listing items. That is why Lis Jewellery are looking so great. She is not for hire, unless you pay with a lot of tuna!


After you list your item you have to wait, wait for that sale. While you wait you can do something useful. Making new items? Dogs are very well known for their patience, Ella Pouches is lucky to have such an awesome dog!

Then you have it, your sale. The best part of sales involves boxes. Amy Pond is a very good box inspector. Nothing will be put into a box without her permission. Then you can start all over again…Box inspector

All the shop owners want to thank their support team, without them it was impossible to have a shop on ETSY.

We hope you enjoyed this “Behind The Shop” (short:BTS) article and we will show you some more BTS-articles.

The Team Captain,
Her support Team: Billy, Amy, Silvertje, Fientje.

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Etsy Team market – part 4

One of the most sold items on Etsy is jewelry. Several of the jewelry you find on Etsy have been created in Belgium and in my home town Gent. Designed by creative minds, proudly put on by women and men of all classes and styles. From BOHO-chic, to modern design, classic or flashy. For your mom or your fiancée.  We hope that whatever you are looking for you will find it at our market.

The first is a slow fashion necklace from the collection of Lies Wambacq Jewelry. Unique and classy, just for every special occasion to wear.


One of the newer shops on Etsy  is Lis Jewellery.  Her jewelry are sharp shaped with a fine design that ask to be showed wherever you go. A shop to watch closely!


Wood and juwels, certainly a very unique combination.Bast is taking it to a top level with wooden earrings, necklace. Modern design for a stylish evening.

Minimalistic design is trending,  Illustrationist settled in the city center of Gent is  showing that minimalistic can be very elegant with these golden earrings.

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-15 om 23.23.11

Pearls to rule them all. This necklace has it. Simply, eye-catching from our local shop Angelic Toughts

This is a very small sample what we will have for jewelry on our market. We will show more in the upcoming weeks. Still have 15 days left to show you all the cool stuff.

The Team Captain
Follow us:
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/etsyteamgent/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/etsyteamgent/

Visit my shop: TCAShop

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Etsy Team Market – part 3

With only twenty days left it is time to start to introduce some of the shops that will attend our market. The best way to do this? With photos of the lovely items they will bring.

Ever wanted a cute guard dog that you don’t have to walk? This is the answer then for you! Purple Orchid Shop will bring this lovely dog along.

Poetry and emotion, touching you softly. Written in Dutch, printed on cards, ready to send to someone who could need it. You can find this touching poetry on “I Tried misery on for size, it doesn’t fit”12718021_1228659930492393_5388616924835990163_n

Did you ever want to have a sleepover party with a spider, a bee, a fly or centipede? Now you can with this insect hotel. Five star deluxe place to sleep! Available at our ETSY market from Radegondas art12991101_1160156997348789_1944561828387453017_n

If you find it a bit to chilly at the sleepover party, we have a Bernadette sweaters on sale. Jewelsatelier will have them available.


Is it all? We have plenty more things to show. Most of the items will be there limited, that makes our market so unique. Afterwards there is always a possibility that you will find items back in the online Etsy Shop that participated. If you saw an item and hesitated to long to buy it, ask the shop their card so you can contact them later and maybe they can help you out after the market.

This market is all about: Unique items, handmade with love for you!

The Team Captain
Etsy Shop: TCAshop

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Etsy Team Market! – Part 2

Less then one month! Our market is completing itself with more awesome shops from Etsy! Not only from Ghent but Antwerp, Brussels and more cities they come. They will represent their city in a fantastic way.

If you want to attend then you should keep following date free: Saturday 30 April 016. The market will start at 10.30h and will end at 18.00h.

The location is hostel De Draecke, St. Widostraat 11, 9000 Gent.

18 shops that have confirmed are:

We will announce more shops the upcoming weeks… stay tuned on this channel for inside views and more!

Team Captain Etsy Team Gent

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Social Media

Etsy Team Gent is spreading the love on social media. Follow us wherever we go. Insider info, photo’s, fun stuff and everything you want to know about our Etsy Team. You will find them on our social media channels:

Hope to see you all on one (or all of our accounts)

Team Captain

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The Color Purple

The color “Purple”. Royalty wearing it, women love it. It is mystical and magical. Purple mixes very well with “Pink”. You find it between red and blue. You can wear it, you can decorate with it. It’s a color to love. Does our Etsy Team Gent use “Purple”?
Lets find some purple to love…
Bubbles The Unicorn Cat, purple with gazing eyes. A lovely and unique hand drawn artwork by MadModesty:
Amethyst is a lovely purple stone, that has powers like: “Protection and purifying”. You can have Amethyst in house or have them fitted in jewelry. Earrings look lovely with the Amethyst, you can find this pair of earrings with BFoxJewelry

Amethyst purple

Purple flowers, put them a postcard, send them to a friend, a family. A good way to show them you won’t forget them, that you will always have them in your mind. The following postcard you will find at Vignettes of Life
purple flower

Purple clothes, every women has them. All around the world. From gloves to hats, to shoes..
This lovely shawl is one that shows the love for purple. You can find him here:
Scarf purpe

Having afternoon tea? Or a drink with the ladies? Then these coasters are a perfect fit for the purple lovers. You will find them in here:
purple coasters

Did you ever buy on Etsy, a purple item that become your favorite item? Tell us about.

Team Captain
Etsy Team Gent

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