Behind the shop – Part 1

How do creative minds work? Do they really need chaos to work well? Is a tidy environment a must have to be creative? What music do they listen to? What is there favorite ingrediënt to work with. We will show you what happens behind your favorite shop.

The first shop is MadModesty. What can we tell you about her working space? Pencils, Pink, Paper, Printer… Chaos all around! We love it…markerdesk-old

After work does she cleans up our does she leaves her working space in total chaos? Lets find out…
Oh, yes she does.. pencils sorted out by colors, papers put away. We see  a cup of tea to end a creative day in her working space.

What do you think about MadModesty her working space? Could you work and be creative at her working space?

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The way of The Tag – Part 2

In part one we started to talk about tags and why you should use them all 13.  The past week I added to all my listenings 13 tags, being a good girl I’m. Did it make any difference? Yes, It did.  We will take a look at  my shop stats for Februari 2016:

Stats 2016 feb

March 2016 is not complete but I can tell you, it looks much better then Februari 2016, more shop views, listening views are a bit lower but shop favorites is a bit up and listening favorites are down. I didn’t add any new listenings, maybe that is the reason these are down. The most important change I had was… I had one sale. That is an serious improvement.

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-19 om 11.42.15

Is it worth to put the effort in all those tags? Yes, to my opinion it is, even if it is not my favorite thing to do in my ETSY shop.

One of the other things you have to learn is when you use tags is that you use relevant tags. Tags that matter to your product.
There are some rules that can help you:

  • The words you are using in your titles and listening should be the same. Use a comma to keep it readable, after the comma use a space otherwise Google can have problems to read them.
    • Listening: Shoulder bag, black cat, Leather, cat lovers gift, crazy cat lady
    • Tags: Shoulder bag, black cat, Leather, cat lovers gift, crazy cat lady
  • Your tags should have more then one word in it. If you would look for your item, what would you type? More words can narrow down the search.
    • Ring
    • Engagement ring,
    • wedding ring
  • If you are short in tags, why don’t you use your shop name as a tag? On mobile devices it is easier to look after a shop tag. Take a look at TCAshop… only my items nobody else use them.
  • If your tags are not working for you why don’t you look for alternative tags? Some tags are to competitive others are not searched for. Sites like Etsy Rank can help you with your tags.

We hope that this article was very useful for you. Next time we will talk more about tags and how Google and other search engines use them.


Sincerely your,
ETSY Team Gent Captain
Etsy Shop: TCAshop

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The Way Of The Tag – part 1

Tags!March 15th, 2015. I decided that that was the day to open my shop on ETSY. Making and listening items on ETSY, certain that it would be a piece of cake.

March 12th, 2016, fast forward almost a year later. I learned a lot in that year. A piece of cake it is certainly not. It is more challenging than I could imagine and I want to share my experiences with you.

Tags 2The most important I learned in that year is, use all your tags. I didn’t think that that was necessary. Too much work to add them, but…

SupermarketImagine that you go to the biggest supermarket , millions of items.

It is the first time you go there so you enter and all isles look the same. No arrows, no directions,… no clues.

That is how Etsy would be without tags. It would a big supermarket where customers wouldn’t  find their  way around. They would walk out, frustrated and will never return. It is something we don’t want.

Etsy gives you a tool to help you with that. Your listing manager, with 13 tags to use, to point the way to your shop! You are the manager of your shop, you are responsible for your shop. You are responsible to use those 13 tags. Don’t be like me, where 50% or more of my tags are missing, that is a lot of potential I’m losing:

Are we missing something?

Are we missing something?

Every Tag that is missing is an chance that somebody won’t find our  shop. It’s a priority to fix this problem so you and I can increase the possibility that some potential customer will find our shop.

Just a bit more tag shaming

Just a bit more tag shaming

I will certainly do this the upcoming week, get all my tags filled in. No more missing tag shaming for me.

My question to you: “Are you such a lazy tagger like me or do you use all your 13 tags on Etsy?”

  • De Pauw Tania
  • Team Captain Etsy Gent
  • Etsy shop: TCAshop
  • Pinterest:
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Etsy Team Gent Market!

Less then two months, then it is time. Our first market in the city of Gent. Etsy Team Gent will be ready to present you a market filled with the coolest handmade items you will find in Gent: Juwels, Crochet, Aquarel painting, wood design, funky art and many more.

Keep following date free: Saturday 30 April 016. The market will start at 10.30h and will end at 18.00h.

The location is hostel De Draecke, St. Widostraat 11, 9000 Gent.

Our first shops that have confirmed are:

Continue reading

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Meeting Dec 2015

Our meeting just before Christmas 2015 was all about making a better listening for you crafts on Etsy. Everyone brought a new item with her/him that was not in the shop. Then another ETSY Seller would make a listening for you: Tags, pricing, describe the item,…. Photos were a necessary evil on this meeting, find spots and places to make excellent photos.
We learned a lot about new materials, technics and crafting. It was an evening with a lot of lessons. Certainly one that will be repeated in the near future.

Meeting Dec 2015

When you have to add a listening from an other shop you have to think outside the box!


Find the perfect place for the perfect photo. Switching, turning, adjusting and trying. It is all in the learning curve for a perfect photo.

The below listenings were made, please feel free to check them out!

Side table        Easter Bunny        Schermafbeelding 2016-02-20 om 20.19.47         Schermafbeelding 2016-02-20 om 20.22.58

Thanks for reading and we hope you will find your way to our shops on Etsy.

The Team Captain

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